Open your virtual office or mailing address

We offer mailing addresses, business registration addresses and virtual offices.

We can scan your mail as multi page PDF with OCR and send it by e-mail. Using the latest technologies. The address is only suitable for receiving letters, you can't receive boxes.

It is up to you whether you want to have only the outside of the envelope scanned or the contents of your mail items as well. We can forward your post by courier or regular mail. Each contract comes with 5 free scans per month, more than enough for most customers. 


Business registration address

An official office address that you can use for registration with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.


Starting at only € 17,50 per month including the first 5 scans per month. 

Business registration address

Virtual address

If you do not need to register with the Chamber of Commerce and you only want to be able to receive mail in Amsterdam.


Starting at only € 10,00 per month including the first 5 scans per month

Mailing address only

You can find all our prices here

*all prices are excluding sales tax

How does it work?

You pay online for the number of months you want to purchase the service.

After a successful payment we will send you your contract directly. You fill in and sign the contract and within 24 hours your virtual address is then ready for use.

And your mail will be forwarded in the way you choose.

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What does my virtual address look like?

[Your business name]

[Your name]

Korte Lijnbaanssteeg 1

Office: [Your office number]

1012 SL Amsterdam

The Netherlands

We also offer

  • Mini offices
  • Virtual offices
  • Chamber of Commerce registration
  • Correspondence addresses
  • Mail forwarding 
  • Messages services
  • Local faxnumbers
  • Local phonenumbers
  • Conference call

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